How to Please God

termites of disobedience

A friend of mine, Beth Zimmerman, asked me a couple of years ago to write for her on a group blog that was sharing the about the heroes of the Christian faith and seeking to help people learn about each of them. She had a vision to write devotionals taking the reader down through the list […]

Seeing the GLORY


I told you this summer that we started doing Beth Moore’s Breaking Free (the Updated/Revised version). Well, we have been taking our time — the homework is intense — and are still moving along in it. I thought this was the best idea because of our heavy homework load, our family’s busy lifestyle, and the […]

Breaking Free, Again


I’ve done the Beth Moore ‘Breaking Free’ Bible study three times. I loved it every time, and it rocked my world… “blessed my socks off”. It was life changing. It was a decade ago. I felt like it was time to hit the books again. Just as I was about to buy the study, I […]