My Ever Evolving Anti-Cancer Diet and Natural Protocol

Let's Taco Bout It by @sprittibee

I truly believe what Mark Twain said about health books… “You might die of a misprint”. I take most everything with a grain of salt and mull it over with prayer. That said, I have read and researched my brains out after being diagnosed with stage THREE cancer last August. I get a lot of […]

Thanksgiving Week Lists, a Wild Turkey and a Menu

Gratitude Garland

Lest you think I’ve disappeared, I thought I would check in and share a little about my Thanksgiving week. I’m pretty sure it will be better than last week. Last week was a good week to be looking BACK on. I’m looking forward to THIS week… counting my blessings like it’s going out of style. […]

Authentic Italian Risotto with Chicken and Rosemary

Risotto is one of those mouth-watering comfort foods that you just have to love. It’s like a glorified chicken and rice dish that is all grown up. It may not be that pretty, but hardly a grain is left in the pan after everyone fights for the last spoonful. I learned how to make it […]

Why You Should – and How You Can – Make Home Made Chicken Broth


Who doesn’t want to come up with easy ways to save money, be thrifty, eat less preservatives and chemicals, and make foods that taste better? This one single kitchen tip can do all of those things and more. What’s my secret thrifty, tasty tip? Making your own chicken broth! {Hey, you cheated, you looked at […]

Ammie’s Unbeatable Beef Stroganoff


Ammie makes the most wonderful melt-in-your-mouth Stroganoff. In fact, her family loves this dish so much that they eat it as their traditional Christmas dinner and look forward to it all year. Stroganoff happens to be one of my husband’s favorite meals, so I begged Ammie for her recipe – which she was glad to […]

Chili’s Chicken Enchilada Soup

Quick and delicious soup. Nothing better. Pardon the photo. That was my second bowl of soup. Maybe next time I cook it I’ll remember to do the photo-op first! This soup also feeds an army, so it is a great meal for a potluck or guests. Make sure you have a bag of tortilla chips […]

Ammie’s Beef Broth Stew

My friend Ammie is an excellent cook. She gave me this recipe the last time I visited her house. I thought it was a timely one with the fall weather blowing in with it’s cool temperatures. I can’t wait to try it. Let me know what you think if you cook it – leave a […]