Reflecting on a Decade of New Year Resolutions

New Years Quote

A smart way to look forward is to look back first. After all, they say that you are doomed to repeat history if you don’t study it. I always like to start my year off with reflection. This year I dug a little deeper because I had TEN years worth of records to peruse via […]

Fed Up 2 Fit: Week 3 – Meet My FitBit & Big Changes


My new FitBit is a permanent appendage. He’s been tracking my steps, calories burned, and distance covered since I got him last week. He links up to my My Fitness Pal app/website and automatically updates my activity level there. Unfortunately, there’s no lying with FitBit. He decreases your calories that you can eat for the […]

Carpet and Constructive Conversion


The Bee family is doing an about-face. Change is synonymous with a few key words that leave deep images in your mind. Words like “born again”, “growth”, “reconstruction”, “reformation”, “regeneration”, “resolution”, “transfiguration”, “remodeling”, “turning around”. I’m pretty sure the sort of change absorbing us over the next few years will be heavy on the remodeling […]