…And Then They’re Gone

My great grandmother – the tiniest girl, youngest of four, her father’s favorite, born in the middle of a terrible storm. She was a black sheep like me. A survivor. She left home young and married a troubled man who drank too much and loved too little. Divorce was unheard of back then… but she […]

How the South Won the Civil War


The post with these photos is not telling any sort of story… just mental drool today, sorry. However… I thought I would share the pictures to give me something fun to do on vacation. Everyone seems to have instantly turned in to a vegetable. I can’t stand the sound of snoring or Star Wars video […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: McArthur Military Museum


We were moving to Arkansas in the middle of our Military Unit back in the early part of the school year (October) 2005-6. We didn’t get very many field trips done for that unit (and that was a shame because there were plenty of military bases and places to see near Little Rock). It took […]