Pre-Summer Update

Texas Wildflower Photos Edit by @Sprittibee

May flowers are in full bloom and I grasp at moments to try and slow down enough to smell them. They say the older you get, the faster time goes. My eldest has a friend that has some sort of theory on the matter. It’s all over my head. Mama has been tired for most […]

Pack a Shoebox, Jack.

You know me… skating in at the last minute. I live under a rock called “homeschooling two teenagers and keeping two toddlers from destroying the world”. Sometimes things slip off my calendar before I have time to get to them. But not this time! I still have 24 hours to pack a shoe-box for Operation […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Texas Prison Museum


For those of you that enjoy my upbeat, fun and picture-happy Field Trip Foto Friday entries… you won’t be that thrilled with the lack of images in this post. The one photo above is courtesy of the prison museum website (linked under the title of this post). You’ll find plenty of other pictures on their […]