Mostly Grain and Sugar Free Lunch Ideas

Gluten & Sugar Free Lunch Ideas

I did a BIG List of Lunch Ideas Post a year or so ago – right before we began our journey to live a more “paleo-ish” lifestyle and ditch inflammatory grains and disease-and-obesity-causing sugar. We were really doing well with our low-grain and sugar diet until my oldest teen started slipping up. The closer he […]

In Sickness and Health


I began this post a few days ago… but life gets away from you. For the past week, I’ve been falling in to bed too tired to even check Instagram or Lift (not usual for me). Blogging has been on the backest of back burners. Sorry, friends. And so, I offer you this boring list […]

My Healthy Living Wake-Up Call – This Week in the ICU


I spent about 24 hours of this week with my mom in the ICU instead of meeting her for lunch somewhere during both of our busy weeks. Last night was my first night of full sleep since getting a call Tuesday that she was in critical condition. Tuesday, I wasn’t sure if she would make […]

Fed Up 2 Fit: Week 10 Update and 4 Things On My Diet


In the spirit of “keepin’ it real” here at Sprittibee’s blog… I will admit to not tackling the first 7 days of the 17 Day Diet at 100% commitment level. We have had people visit, dinners out, and distractions – which all lead to cave-ins. BUT. I have been good enough to make some really […]

Fed Up 2 Fit – Week 9 Update: Hand in the Cookie Jar


Still stuck – 7 pounds down since the beginning of February – and now it’s March… and can’t seem to move the needle. That photo was taken in the beginning of last month. Today was 143.8 – and the lowest I have been (a week ago) is 142 even. Now that is a big change […]

Fed Up 2 Fit Update: Week 6


I seem to be stuck on my weight loss. Can’t get past that 7 pound mark. The scale is stuck on one number – and fluctuating a pound up, then a pound down – in a relentless circle. It doesn’t help that I have dined at La Madeleine’s… but oh, that mushroom cream sauce. Hey. […]

Fed Up 2 Fit – Week 4: Please Do Not Look at My Toes


Remember my last weigh in? The one at the first of the year? It said 150 lbs. – just in case you forgot! On day 28, I have lost 6.4 lbs so far. I made it through my diet bet challenge with flying colors. Right at the end, I squeaked by with .6 lbs over […]