When You’re on the Potter’s Wheel

Fork in the Road

The other day, in a moment of grief, looking down at the ground in deep thought, I walked right over this pitiful fork. It was at the edge of the driveway next to the waste container the garbage truck had emptied, limb missing and shattered down the length of her body. She called for my […]

A Homeschool Series You Don’t Want to Miss


Just in case you missed the first article in Christine Miller’s “The Myth of the Perfect Homeschool Family“, you should hurry over to the Homeschool Post and check that out before we post her Part 2 this Sunday or Monday. Part 3 and 4 will come in the next couple of weeks, each a week […]

Landinvitations of the Seller


This post was inspired by the book of Lamentations in the Bible. It’s a bible-ish spoof on the woes of trying to sell a house while you are already practically living in another city (as the bank account dwindles). I wrote it in June of 2005 while we were trying to sell our home for […]