My Healthy Living Wake-Up Call – This Week in the ICU


I spent about 24 hours of this week with my mom in the ICU instead of meeting her for lunch somewhere during both of our busy weeks. Last night was my first night of full sleep since getting a call Tuesday that she was in critical condition. Tuesday, I wasn’t sure if she would make […]

The Big List of Lunch Ideas


Are you ever stumped on what to make for lunch for your homeschool or preschool kids? Homeschoolers do have the advantage because they can eat healthier mom-approved foods at home, and take more time for lunch if they want; but if Mom is frazzled, not prepared, or at a loss for what to make, it […]

Sesame Chicken Fingers

Chicken is a staple meat in our home. We eat Beef and Fish less than chicken. Lately we eat deer also, which proved to be a leaner and much more cost effective meat than beef… and the way I cook it, you can hardly tell it isn’t beef! Besides Mexican, Greek, and American foods, we […]

Valentines Day and Birthdays


I have three children that turn a year older within a few weeks surrounding Valentines Day. One of those kids is a red velvet cake fan, just like mama. Another of those kids is a baker, like Pioneer Woman. I am not joking when I tell you that we’ve been eating sweets around here since […]

This Week, the Freight Train…

Ever feel like you were just about to get run over by a fast train, coming down the tracks – right at you? That’s my week this week. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. I’ve been absorbed by the busy work for the Homeschool Blog Awards and as usual, neglecting my […]

Good Foods Come in Threes

I promised to do some foodie reviews and have kind of dropped the ball… and I’ve been meaning to tell you about my new favorite breakfast cereal, too. I’m thrilled to have THREE great items to share with you: a snack, a drink, and a cereal (aren’t those the three basic food groups?). Anyway, here […]

Pepperoni Stromboli: with Bacon of course!


You might be tempted to ask: What the heck is a stromboli? Basically, it’s a pizza rolled up into a great big sandwich. If that sounds like something you want to ingest, then keep reading. That photo looks like an advertisment for Aldi. Obviously we do a lot of our shopping there. Don’t judge. You’re […]