Adaptable and Delicious Asian Fried Rice

When it comes to fried food in our house, the number one requested item besides Spanish rice is Asian fried rice. My teen son has this on his list of “birthday meal” requests, and it makes a super meal for when you want to wow your company. You can make this with brown or white […]

Fed Up 2 Fit – Week 9 Update: Hand in the Cookie Jar


Still stuck – 7 pounds down since the beginning of February – and now it’s March… and can’t seem to move the needle. That photo was taken in the beginning of last month. Today was 143.8 – and the lowest I have been (a week ago) is 142 even. Now that is a big change […]

Fed Up 2 Fit Update: Week 6


I seem to be stuck on my weight loss. Can’t get past that 7 pound mark. The scale is stuck on one number – and fluctuating a pound up, then a pound down – in a relentless circle. It doesn’t help that I have dined at La Madeleine’s… but oh, that mushroom cream sauce. Hey. […]

Fed Up to Fit – 2013


Yes, EVERYONE is trying to lose weight because it is New Years. But this isn’t the time to roll your eyes and dismiss them because they are conformists. This is the time to imagine all those OTHER people who are suddenly dieting as your little helpers – helping you by NOT eating candy and cookies […]

Countin’ Blessings


WARNING: This post might make you hungry. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No commercial yuck, just family, friends, and food. The things that nourish the body and soul. I tend to be absorbed by the busy holiday cooking and eating (and even, yes… shopping this year – despite my objections to Black Friday). I don’t […]

A Healthier ’08

Bocca Burger and BlogHer want to know how we are making a difference in our health this year. One of their essay requirements is keeping it to 250 words or less, too… which effectively excludes me from winning contest right off the bat (I am a tad on the wordy side – which you would […]

Greek Meal (Chicken, Rice, Dip, Pita, Salad & Olives)

I thought I would list a few recipes for last night’s meal since we were fighting over the leftovers today. My husband was thrilled to see a baked chicken coming out of the oven upon his arrival home. There’s just something about seeing a baked chicken that says, “I spent HOURS preparing this meal for […]