The Heavens Declare… get Outside!

Dandy Blend via @Sprittibee

  It makes sense that God wants us to spend some time outside in nature. I mean, if the heavens are declaring something – we should be out there to listen. I have to be honest. I live in Texas, and while I love it here, I HATE the summer. I can’t stand it when […]

Fed Up 2 Fit: Week 3 – Meet My FitBit & Big Changes


My new FitBit is a permanent appendage. He’s been tracking my steps, calories burned, and distance covered since I got him last week. He links up to my My Fitness Pal app/website and automatically updates my activity level there. Unfortunately, there’s no lying with FitBit. He decreases your calories that you can eat for the […]

Fed Up 2 Fit: Week 2.8 – Baby Steps


I bet you are chuckling at the title. I should have had this update on the blog Monday. Now I’m nearing the end of week three. I’m going to have to sandwich both in to one post. Hope they don’t mind over at Mamavation. Let me just tell you that I HAVE lost a little […]

Fed Up 2 Fit: First Week Update


I made it through my first week of my fitness challenge for the new year. Me and my new “barefoot” Merrells that I got over Thanksgiving holiday (on sale well over 50% off at Gander Mountain) are getting very well acquainted. Just so you know, I wear socks anyway. They are so comfy! So far […]

Fed Up to Fit – 2013


Yes, EVERYONE is trying to lose weight because it is New Years. But this isn’t the time to roll your eyes and dismiss them because they are conformists. This is the time to imagine all those OTHER people who are suddenly dieting as your little helpers – helping you by NOT eating candy and cookies […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Snow Day!


What could be more educational than learning to build your very first snowman? How about learning what frostbite feels like? Yikes! Throwing snowballs is fun! My two Texas kids don’t have much experience when it comes to snow. It was like waking up to a winter wonderland this morning and there was no way school […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: The Park


What homeschool year would be complete without ample trips to the park? Recess and PE are an important part of healthy living – even for older kids (and adults). Remember to schedule some fun into your curriculum. We all need fresh air and sunshine as much as possible. Sometimes we get into a book-worm rut […]