When Autumn Leaves Begin to Fall

A Texas Fall

I miss the Arkansas leaves this time of year. Texas trees never know what to wear in Autumn. We are lucky to get a couple of weeks at Thanksgiving with reds and yellows; unless you count the few yards where some brave soul has dared to plant a more showy tree and has taken the […]

Homeschool Instagram Photo-a-Day Challenge : October 2013


Back by popular demand… the Homeschool Instagram Photo-a-Day Challenge is going to continue! This month we’re aiming to capture little memories from October 2013. I’m loving seeing your finished collages on your blogs! If you are interested in making a collage with your photos, you can always check out Big Huge Labs. They link to […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Pioneer Wagon Ride


Time for a Field Trip Foto Friday again. This field trip was during our Pioneer and Frontiersmen unit while we were living in Arkansas (which happens to get much more of a seasonal show in the fall than Texas does). My children were ages 7 and 9 – and in grades 3 and 4. This […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Harvest Partying


It is that time of year again… time for the long shadows of fall, the golden evenings, the brisk sweater weather, and pumpkins everywhere. I thought it would be fitting to skip down memory lane this morning before we head out to the harvest field trip we are about to go on… and share with […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Pumpkin Patch


Technically it is still autumn, so I thought I would finally get around to changing my blog sidebar to orange like I had planned when I changed my background back in early September. Now that there’s just a few hours left of the season, of course. I found this photo from a previous school year’s […]

* ~ Autumn Leaves ~ *


Just wanted to stop in and share my joy. I just love my kids. Aren’t they precious? We did a photo-op today at the park and got some really great shots. Too bad I did it with digital. Oh, well. I saw some ladies with fancy zoom lenses and had to admit that I got […]