All in a span of just 30 minutes…


Don’t let those sweet faces fool you. In the last 30 minutes they have: 1. Emptied half a box of crackers on the kitchen table and crushed them in to dust. 2. Turned the water on and plugged the sink in the powder room downstairs – thank God mama had to pee and found it […]

Why You Other Christians Should Be Jealous


If there’s one thing Texans don’t lack, it’s the love of all things Texas. Pretty much the only thing bigger is God himself. The painting above is of the Texas Hill Country in spring. Some sweet lady at our church painted it. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Bluebonnets and winding country roads make my heart sing. […]

Landinvitations of the Seller


This post was inspired by the book of Lamentations in the Bible. It’s a bible-ish spoof on the woes of trying to sell a house while you are already practically living in another city (as the bank account dwindles). I wrote it in June of 2005 while we were trying to sell our home for […]

Redneck Seafood Dinner

I had to post this. How funny is that?! The photo isn’t mine – it came over email. We are studying about whaling, seafood, sea animals and the New England coast right now. I’m not real big on cooking a lot of seafood at home. I have NEVER eaten REAL clam chowder, either… but we […]

Dairy Sightings On the Net

Cow Abductions? Aliens who drink milk? Things couldn’t be weirder at “Got Milk?” – so go and check it out when you have some time and available PC speakers! Technorati Tags: Aliens, Food Blogs, Laugh, Milk, Bovine, Silly, Moo, Funny, Humor, Links, Fun, Cows, Dairy



I thought you would enjoy a little bit of my 6 year old Morgan’s accidental humor, today. My husband, being a motorcycle enthusiast (although I would never let him own one), always points them out as we drive along. One evening not too long ago, as we enjoyed a drive downtown, I took a picture […]



Every family has their own humor and silly quotes. Back in 2005, when I started blogging, I shared a few of my favorite “Bushisms” and a list of my family’s “isms” that were popular at the time. Like presidents, things change over time. I figured I would resurrect this old post and give it a […]