Random Things You Might Want to Know

Cats like empty book cases. No, seriously. They do. In case you were wondering what your floor might look like without carpet… now you know. That’s the cheap padding. My toenails are pink. Well, they were in that picture. Now they are red and orange. I haven’t tired of the teal blue walls in the […]

Celebrating Being Stain-Free on the Fourth


We started out with some school today and then got the call that Lowe’s was sending over some carpet installers on the 4th of July to make it up to us for being a little late getting the carpet in their warehouse. We have house guests coming this weekend and Saturday was a no-go, so […]

Learned Something New this Week


What I learned this week: 1. How long two little boys can play with a pack of garage sale stickers that cost me less than two dollars. How many sheets of them they could go through in an hour… and that it was totally worth cleaning up later. 2. How glad a mama can be […]