My Ever Evolving Anti-Cancer Diet and Natural Protocol

Let's Taco Bout It by @sprittibee

I truly believe what Mark Twain said about health books… “You might die of a misprint”. I take most everything with a grain of salt and mull it over with prayer. That said, I have read and researched my brains out after being diagnosed with stage THREE cancer last August. I get a lot of […]

A Lot Can Happen in 8 Years


During the past two weeks of traveling across Texas and consuming a preposterous amount of comfort food and sweets, a special date came and went quietly… my 8 year blogging anniversary. In blogger speak, that would be my “blogiversary”. EIGHT YEARS AGO I STARTED THIS BLOG. That doesn’t even sound real. Trapping Google Searchers From June […]

More on Sprittibee’s Homeschooling Series


This post changes each year as I add each year’s homeschool accomplishments, memories and favorite photos. It is currently under construction!!! This post is an ongoing project for me and I’ve been often too busy homeschooling and working and living to update it. I’m doing my best, so please be patient. I wanted to chronolog […]