2017, The Year of Gratitude

diamonds taking shape

Someone asked me what the best thing about Christmas was for me this year. Before this year, I might have thought about all the people I spent Christmas with, the gifts, the music, the tinsel, the “magic” of the season… but this year, although all of those things are PART of the holiday “magic”, only […]

Because You are More than One Thing

Morgan and the Bear

She asked me at the front desk as I was wheeling in my suitcase and fumbling with my fleece blanket I won’t go anywhere without, “Did you come here for the blog conference?” I could tell she was hoping I would say yes or she might melt into an embarrassed puddle. She seemed relieved when […]

Wisdom from the Back of My Yearbook


Wisdom is what’s left after we’ve run out of personal opinions. – Cullen Hightower Blast from the Past After running in to a girl I went to high school with in 2005, I sat down with my yearbook and read through the notes that friends had scrawled on the inside covers. It has been twenty […]