What a Homeschool Mama Needs : A Reminder to BREATHE

Just Breathe

Sometimes I hold my breath. Maybe it’s my reaction to stress that I’ve built up over the years so I could keep moving and not think about it. Maybe it’s holding on to life so hard that my soul’s knuckles are bare and my body doesn’t breathe out of respect. When I’m not breathing, though… […]

My Healthy Living Wake-Up Call – This Week in the ICU


I spent about 24 hours of this week with my mom in the ICU instead of meeting her for lunch somewhere during both of our busy weeks. Last night was my first night of full sleep since getting a call Tuesday that she was in critical condition. Tuesday, I wasn’t sure if she would make […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: The Park


What homeschool year would be complete without ample trips to the park? Recess and PE are an important part of healthy living – even for older kids (and adults). Remember to schedule some fun into your curriculum. We all need fresh air and sunshine as much as possible. Sometimes we get into a book-worm rut […]