Wrapping Up a Homeschool School-year and Grading the Teacher

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So the summer has begun. I officially quit adding to the weekly assignment list spiral over a week ago and we are in our first 2 month summer break in a long while. We have homeschooled year round by necessity for the past few years because of distractions (two of them who are 6 and […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Arkansas Arts Center


Not much else beats browsing an art museum, listening to the chirping birds, and basking in a garden. Art museums are my favorite. In fact, with field trips, I find it hard to pick favorites, so they all become my favorites. Field trips are like homeschool dessert. Such a treat. This field trip was in […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Guitar Shop


About time that I get back to my series, right? We were studying about ears, sound, and music during 2nd and 3rd grades in 2006-7. My mom, the piano teacher was living a state away, so we decided to go to a guitar shop instead. For some reason we couldn’t get it together to go […]