Blog Elevated in Pictures


It has been two weeks since I attended the awesome that was Blog Elevated. About time for a recap before my mind is made mush by Chemistry (teens) and Counting to 100 (tots). My perspective is a little unique because I wasn’t able to sit in every session due to the fact that I was […]

Win a Ticket to Houston’s Blog Elevated Conference!

Blog Elevated is this week in shiny downtown Houston – restaurant capitol of America! Come hang out with 300 of your favorite bloggers; taking time out of their busy lives to rub shoulders, share tricks and tips, eat fabulous food, and have fun together! The conference begins Thursday evening and goes through 5 PM Saturday […]

Blog Elevated Conference in Houston, TX


About once or twice a year, I really enjoy attending a blogging conference. I’ve explained it many times on my previous conference related posts, but other bloggers make super friends in real life because they really understand what makes you tick. They get that you write articles in your head while you shower and as […]

When You Can’t Be Together, Chatting Online is the Next Best Thing


I’m participating in a sponsored campaign by Skype to share about how their service keeps families and friends connected when distance tries to keep them apart. Geography is overcome when you can see the smile on your loved one’s face. Below is my story of the farthest distance between my husband and I, and how […]

A Lot Can Happen in 8 Years


During the past two weeks of traveling across Texas and consuming a preposterous amount of comfort food and sweets, a special date came and went quietly… my 8 year blogging anniversary. In blogger speak, that would be my “blogiversary”. EIGHT YEARS AGO I STARTED THIS BLOG. That doesn’t even sound real. Trapping Google Searchers From June […]

Flocking Together – Blissdom 2013


I caught these birds having a convention on the power lines a while back… and it reminded me of Blissdom. Birds of a feather flock together, right? Blissdom is a blogging conference for creatives, writers and bloggers, publishers, networkers, social media mavens, photographers, crafters, foodies, speakers, musicians, PR people, sponsors (companies who “GET” online marketing […]

On Changes and New Beginnings… at the Homeschool Post


If you are just surfing in to my blog for the very first time, you might not know that I am the Founder of another blog called the Homeschool Post. For the past six years, I have owned and managed that blog and run the annual Homeschool Blog Awards each fall. I would say that […]