Whoo Wants to Create Another Picasso?

Owly Handprints

In my house we love art. Not just the realistic kind that most people aspire to… but the whimsical. The abstract. The personal. I mean, there might be a thing as too realistic. When you can’t tell the difference in a photograph and a piece of art, why not use a camera? That’s what I […]

A little DIY – the Owl and Tree Toddler Room and Baby Nursery


In my homeschool family, we have a 15 year old, a 13 year old, a three year old, and a one year old. Babies and toddlers are so fun to decorate for. My tween girl (she was 11 when we began this project) wanted to share a room with my first little guy after he […]

Owl Baby Shower and Bee’s Berry Punch

“Whoooo doesn’t love a baby?” That was my baby shower theme. These are the photos from yesterday’s festivities – and YES, I got my cupcake… but was not impressed with the fact that it didn’t start my labor like I had hoped. See that little finger indentation on the icing? That’s my friend Ammie’s little […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Natural State Expo


The photos in this post were borrowed from the Arkansas Natural State Expo Website. I was down town in Little Rock on the day of the fair and we happened to see the sidewalk signs. I couldn’t pass up a field trip, so we sauntered in to check it out. We attended the FIRST annual […]