Gone Fishin’, Be Back Later…


Here are a few highlights of our field trip day. We sunk our lures and caught some fish. What a beautiful day it was here in Arkansas for a fishing trip with friends. It was nice to have the private creek all to ourselves and picnic in the warm spring sun. Cold Kool-Aid and Doritos, […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Snow Day!


What could be more educational than learning to build your very first snowman? How about learning what frostbite feels like? Yikes! Throwing snowballs is fun! My two Texas kids don’t have much experience when it comes to snow. It was like waking up to a winter wonderland this morning and there was no way school […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center


Even in the cold months, there are grasses and flowers in bloom somewhere in Texas. The weather is sure to change on a dime; and you never know if you’ll be wearing a sweater or a tank top in the winter months. We Texans whine about the weather and wish for the cool fronts when […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Wild-Connections Butterfly Farm


In the sunny Texas Hill Country, nature is calling. There are wild flowers, butterflies, dry creek beds (and wet ones), ocean fossils (the Hill Country used to be under water), swaying pecan trees, and lots of interesting bugs and spiders… an endless list of things that kids can study and awe over. We visited Wild-Connections […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Austin Bats


OK, so it’s Saturday… oh, well… who cares, right? I started this article Friday night, does that count? Be sure to check out the great links I’ve included. Enjoy! Austin (and the surrounding hill country) is famed for being home to the world’s largest colony of free-tailed bats (they even named their ice hockey team […]