Tara and Tyler Longview Texas Wedding at Miss Mary’s Place

Longview Wedding Miss Mary's Place via Sprittibee Photography

My weekend job is being a photographer and a dream watcher. I love to see people live out their dreams and to help them capture the moment to remember it forever. I even travel for the opportunity to do this… as you can see by my title: Longview, Texas! Longview is a long way from […]

Sleepy Little Note


I’ve been tired enough to take a nap today since 2PM. The only reason why I didn’t is because I had too much to get done. This week has been much the same… Monday we crammed homeschool in a condensed pile of assignments and tried to dig out of last weekend’s laundry pile. Tuesday we […]

Pepperoni Stromboli: with Bacon of course!


You might be tempted to ask: What the heck is a stromboli? Basically, it’s a pizza rolled up into a great big sandwich. If that sounds like something you want to ingest, then keep reading. That photo looks like an advertisment for Aldi. Obviously we do a lot of our shopping there. Don’t judge. You’re […]