Finding a Homeschool Planner that Works for You

Homeschool Planner Comparison

This post is more of a journey through homeschool planning over my entire homeschooling career than a review, but in the end, I did come down to two planners to review – and I mentioned a few others and my experiences as well. If you don’t want the details behind my planner journey, you can […]

Christian Review of Les Miserables


OK. So you may not like musicals. I can understand that. I’ve seen some doozies in my time. That may be why you haven’t seen Les Miserables. At least that’s what I have heard from some of my friends. So let me try to convince you that you need to give it a chance. Don’t […]

Downtown Aquarium Field Trip – Houston


We went to the Houston Downtown Aquarium last year as one of the add-on field trips during THSC’s Woodlands Homeschool Convention. I love a good field trip; especially if they make it educational. This one was fantastic, because there was something for everyone – the adults, the teens, and the toddlers. My three year old […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: McArthur Military Museum


We were moving to Arkansas in the middle of our Military Unit back in the early part of the school year (October) 2005-6. We didn’t get very many field trips done for that unit (and that was a shame because there were plenty of military bases and places to see near Little Rock). It took […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Old State House Museum – Little Rock, AR


The Arkansas Old Statehouse is a charming white building with its Greek-inspired columns and beautiful black accents. When we first saw it, it seemed to beckon us inside. That was before I even knew it was a museum; back when we first arrived in Arkansas in 2005. When I discovered that it was on the […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Arkansas Trolley


Who doesn’t love a trolley? Every American kid from the time they can sit up straight has seen Mr. Rogers and his cute little trolley that whisks us into make-believe land. They add historical charm back to our modern cities with their wooden benches, cling-clanging bells and shiny brass poles. They make us turn our […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Six Flags Homeschool Day


Six Flags over Texas in Arlington is a fun place (even if you aren’t a homeschooler). It is even more fun for us with over four thousand homeschool kids and their families there. The photos in this post are from “Six Flags Homeschool Day” and were taken in May of 2006. We were living in […]