Your Ad Here!


ADS ARE NOT DIRTY Advertising is a way of life. You like certain things better than others. You tell your friends about the stuff you love. “WOW! Where did you get that purse?!!” It happens whether you get paid for it or not, right? As long as you aren’t lying to sell a product, advertising […]

Nature as a Teaching Tool

I have been inspired by so many other great nature-loving homeschool bloggers to join in the fun and begin our own nature journals. We have added nature walks to our list of “to-do” items each day since my schedule re-vamp… but sadly, we haven’t been walking. I think we will start today. I’m eager to […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Houston Studio Glass


Glass blowing and glass art are extremely interesting… and the team at Houston Studio Glass put on an exceptionally educational demonstration at their studio not far from downtown Houston back in February of 2004. Here are a few things we learned on our trip (mind you that the group of children who attended were between […]