Home Remedy: Natural Replacement for Gatorade

natural remedy for gatorade

Never expected to be writing this post today, but my five year old woke up this morning telling me his tummy was upset. Three trips to the bathroom later, and I knew I would need something to help him slowly recover. Lucky for me, I know a few home remedy experts that are a great […]

In Sickness and Health


I began this post a few days ago… but life gets away from you. For the past week, I’ve been falling in to bed too tired to even check Instagram or Lift (not usual for me). Blogging has been on the backest of back burners. Sorry, friends. And so, I offer you this boring list […]

Valentines Day and Birthdays


I have three children that turn a year older within a few weeks surrounding Valentines Day. One of those kids is a red velvet cake fan, just like mama. Another of those kids is a baker, like Pioneer Woman. I am not joking when I tell you that we’ve been eating sweets around here since […]

Maple Sugar Candy (Native American)

I thought I would share with you one of our favorite recipes from when we learned about Native American Indians. It is very easy to make and a favorite with children. Warning: It is addictive! INGREDIENTS:1 lb. of Powdered Sugar1/3 Cup Margarine1/3 cup Pancake Syrup (pure Canadian Maple Syrup would also taste great)1/2 Teaspoon Salthalved […]