A Homeschool Series You Don’t Want to Miss


Just in case you missed the first article in Christine Miller’s “The Myth of the Perfect Homeschool Family“, you should hurry over to the Homeschool Post and check that out before we post her Part 2 this Sunday or Monday. Part 3 and 4 will come in the next couple of weeks, each a week […]

From Trash to Treasure (My Testimony)


I was born into the world during the 70’s, and my parents divorced shortly afterwards when I was only two. My mom met and married a man when I was five years old that became my step-dad, and I only saw my father and his new family one weekend out of each month or so. […]



Faith is the assurance of what we have not yet seen. It shapes our world-view and leads us to answers for all of life’s questions. It gives us purpose and hope. It sheds light on the proper way to conduct our lives and gives us a rich heritage with many mentors to help when we […]