Spring Break Recharge


We bring you news from the break in our regular program… Our crazy haze of end-of-school wrap up before spring break turned in to a world of busy fun the past few days. We had some friends who live quite a few hours away stop in for three days of fun in the sun. Our […]

Why You Other Christians Should Be Jealous


If there’s one thing Texans don’t lack, it’s the love of all things Texas. Pretty much the only thing bigger is God himself. The painting above is of the Texas Hill Country in spring. Some sweet lady at our church painted it. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Bluebonnets and winding country roads make my heart sing. […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Sweet Berry Farm Corn Maze


Welcome to Sprittibee’s Field Trip Foto Friday series. You can visit my previous field trips for this particular year here: First & Second Grade Field Trips. I think this is one of the last in this set, and hopefully we’ll be moving on soon to 2005-6! Be looking for additions to our homeschool series. You […]