Speaking of Homeschool Distractions…

This little guy only napped for 20 minutes today. Twice. OK, yes, I can add. That totals 40 minutes. But it was cut in half. And I disagree with Flylady who says you can get anything done in 15 minutes or less… or something like that. It takes us scatterbrain types at least 15 minutes just to figure out what we’re doing – and then another 15 to get some steam up. By 45 minutes, we’re really making headway. But not me today. I was the Little Engine that Could, constantly going up hill.

Life is slow going when you have a baby in your arms all. day. long. But we managed to get the downstairs clean, make dinner and get most of school done. I even got a shower and got dressed – just as Daddy was coming home from work.

But hey – I’m not complaining. I’m smitten. I’m sure you can’t tell by how many times I have used the word CUTE in the past 4.5 months. I should be on Google’s First Page for the keyword ‘cute’ by now fer shur.

Anyway, I have no time to post. I’m due upstairs – a date with my pillow and the snuggle-bunny in the photo above. So I’m leaving you a link …

… check out my Tuesday Tour post over at The Homeschool Post. There are some neat links on it. You know you can’t resist. Go ahead… click that link.

Nitey nite.


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    Hi Spritibee
    I'm Kate from Cape Town in South Africa – been reading your blog for about a year and a half now, but never left a comment … It was funny when I fell pregnant the same time you did – my third little guy is the same age so my hands are also full of baby! They all say it's a season, enjoy it … I'm trying!!!