Homeschooling in Texas, Protected by THSC


I work for THSC during their convention season as a photographer, and I love the organization wholeheartedly. They have been so kind to us and have offered us legal advice in a time of crisis free of charge. I was sad to find out that not even ten percent of homeschoolers in Texas are members of THSC – which means that all the freedoms we have are supported by the tiniest minority of actual homeschoolers. I guess not everyone understands how fragile our freedoms really are…

Watch this video for a brief look at all the legal issues homeschoolers have had within the movement – since the beginning… and to see what is in the works in the Texas legislature right now:

Will you join with THSC and help support this awesome cause for parental rights and homeschool freedoms? I hope so!

OH, and by the way — if you happen to love homeschool conventions, speakers, and products – you can’t beat the THSC conference! If you see someone there next year with a camera, introduce yourself – most likely it will be me!

{ Vive la Homeschooling! }

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Credits: Photo of the Lamberts by me, video by Paul Hastings and the THSC crew

P.S. Check out last year’s convention fun at my flickr gallery here: THSC 2012


  1. says

    Guilty as charged! We are not members, but I will join. Since homeschooling is so accepted here in TX, I take that for granted. But seeing what others are facing in Germany, etc. it concerns me. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. says

    Hello SpiritBee!
    I would love your dinosaur opinion on what we are trying to do with all homeschoolers, and that is to give them their own social network! We began about a month ago because we had been speaking with so many homeschoolers and the problems some face, and if we had a place that was safe, without all the other social network clutter and a place where our voices could be collectively heard – BAM! The World’s First Social Network for Homeschoolers – the Assembly. We also created a site where homeschoolers pay homeschoolers in the Supply Closet. While I did not intend this to just be a commercial, we are right there with you with Viva La Homeschool!

    It is a strange day when the world is trying to take away the parents right to educate their children as they see fit. What was once a fringe activity and looked upon as a pariah, we now see as one of the last big freedoms that can change the world.

    The statistics for homeschoolers always wins, so the social arguement is the only one the naysayers and fuddy duddies go with….thus our social network.

    I would love your opinion on our little venture and our laws in South Carolina are about as free as you can get on home education. Texas is great as well! I do hope to meet you at an event soon, I hope to be attending as well as speaking at them to spread the word!

    Thank you for you time! I do hope to hear from you!

    • says

      You can find my email address on my contact page and send me a note. :) I don’t partner with people in the comment section. :) Good luck with your venture!

  3. rome' says

    oh wow! i am definitely going to join this group now!! i feel so blessed that we live in this state now more than ever…glad i got to see this video!! =D