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Something I have learned to do as a time management tool is to write down a little list on my week-at-a-glance calendar for each day. They might be 20 items long of things would like to get done, but I always have THREE items either listed in order at the TOP of the page, or three items with STARS beside them because they are the VERY MOST important things I need to accomplish during the day.

The things that matter most must never be at the mercy of the things that matter least. ~ Goethe

Today my three items aren’t to-do items… but they are important, awesome, and memorable.


My baby turned THREE. We attended a party for a great aunt turning 94 on his birthday (they share a birthday)… and we had some of her cake, punch, and cookies… (and my punk toddlers snuck quite a few Hershey’s Kisses from the table when they thought I wasn’t looking). He had no party of his own, and aside from getting sung to, he really didn’t much care that there was no fanfare. As far as he was concerned, his birthday was the best ever because:

1) His biggest brother gave him a Snow Trooper from the off-limits Lego collection in his room – which is all he wanted in the whole wide world. Being three, it’s easy for him to be content with the small things.

2) We had fast food on our trip – french fries and a burger are one of his favorite things, too. We eat out less and less, and getting fast food is a super treat.

3) He got to visit with our friends the night before his birthday and they gave him a present: a little airplane.

We brought the crazy to the party. #happybirthday

And just like that, my little guy is not so little any more.


Some of you might have noticed that January is gone already. For those of you who are still following along with the Instagram challenge, I’ve got a new graphic up with a list of things to take pictures of each day. It is just a suggestion and you can go in any order you want. I try and get one of each suggestion done during the month, but I often go out of order based on whatever my current image for the day fits with. I’ve already done day 14 and day 19 for February so far.

You can do more than one photo a day, too. It’s up to you – just a way to help you get inspiration and ideas… and to share in a community of other IG fanatics who will cheer you on.

February #HSChallenge Instagram Photo a Day Challenge


How would you like to grow your faith this month? In the spirit of Valentines Day, when we honor those we love… surely showing love to the Father by seeking to be closer to Him is a perfect February fit.

My friend Beth Zimmerman asked me to join her for the Heroes of the Faith (Hebrews 11) line-up and my devotional on “Acceptable Faith” will be up tomorrow on her site. Be sure to stop by over there and read it (the link won’t be live until tomorrow)!

butterfly masterpiece

I’d love to hear what you think – leave me a note here if you go read it!

And the last THREE I’ll leave you with tonight…

Inspirational Quotes on Getting Things Done:

Motivation requires motive. … Define clearly what you want and you will be motivated to overcome procrastination and get it done quickly. ~ Brian Tracy

The first 10% of time you spend planning and organizing your work, before you begin, will save you as much as 90% of the time getting the job done once you get started. ~ Brian Tracy

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. ~ Unknown

{ Have a great week! }

In Him,


P.S. Pray for me. I’m going to attempt the taxes this week. Oy!

P.S.S. Hey – did you enter the book give away? Hurry! Ends Wednesday night!


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    Thanks again for joining me on this journey, Heather, and for your patience as I worked out the kinks! Praying for you in your busy week and looking forward to the next time we meet! =)