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Annie's Ignition Sequence Launch Failure


I got a little sidetracked the past two weeks after posting my book give-away. I can’t believe it’s already time to announce the winner…

Ramona Horton! Shoot me an email to claim your book!

What are you up to Valentines Day? Any awesome crafts? Special dinners? Fun adventures?

Today we are going to make something heart-y. Just haven’t decided what yet. Crafts are on the horizon…

Since my last post… we’ve been:

:::continuing swim lessons:::
:::celebrating birthdays:::
:::taking photos for Capitol Day #1 with THSC at the Texas Capitol Building:::
:::going to Valentine parties:::
:::missing the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse like complete dorks even though we tried to see it two days in a row:::
:::playing BLAZERTAG (my favorite form of exercise):::
:::visiting with my sister and her husband who briefly came to town:::
:::finishing up the cowgirl flooring in the newly re-purposed dining room (that used to be my living room):::
:::babying my little cacti friends from East Austin Succulents:::
:::getting hair cuts:::

Because life is better with succulents, laser tag, family, and photos…

Succulent Heart by @sprittibee

And today, life is finally slow enough for me to catch up a little at the desk, on the blog, and with homeschool teachery organization. Quite honestly, I’d like to stay home all cozy-like – wearing yoga pants -for another entire week before I leave again.

So here I am… and here I go to check off my to-do list…

I hope your Valentines Day is full of awesome… but better yet, I hope every day your life is full of LOVE.

Love Love Love by Sprittibee's Daughter

Love Love Love by my Morgan, now 18…

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