Fed Up 2 Fit Update: Week 6

Can't convey with this photo just how yummy dinner at La Madeleine's was tonight. Mushroom cream sauce on chicken? Swoon.

I seem to be stuck on my weight loss. Can’t get past that 7 pound mark. The scale is stuck on one number – and fluctuating a pound up, then a pound down – in a relentless circle.

It doesn’t help that I have dined at La Madeleine’s… but oh, that mushroom cream sauce.

Hey. At least I had broccoli with it. And wild rice isn’t THAT bad for you. Better for you than white rice for sure.

Guess where this was taken, #Austin food lovers. #foodie

Probably doesn’t help either that I have singlehandedly taken on the task of adding every menu item at Austin’s Tacodeli to the MyFitnessPal.com food database so that everyone who eats there can add them to their daily food diary. Today’s contribution was the El Picosito.

It’s a Monday special. I was thanking God my eldest son’s birthday fell on a Monday. And thankful he fell prey to the suggestion that he wanted Tacodeli for lunch today.

Thank you, God, for avocados. #Amen #blissnom #blissdom #mamavation #avocado #love

About the healthiest thing I’ve done this week is substitute a carb snack with an avocado. I’ve eaten a lot of taco salad, too – chicken salad at Chipotle… and ground beef taco salad (sans the chips) at a potluck with our church friends.

I eat my avocado just like my eggs – with chili powder, garlic salt, and dried chives. Mmmmmmm.

Construction Paper Hearts #Valentines #hearts #red #love

I’m hoping by next week all the candy, cake, cookies, and RED VELVET CREAM CHEESE ICED CUPCAKES (my Achilles Heel) have disappeared from my house. If you will pray for me, the kids will be the ones who eat them all and not me.

I missed updating last week because we had been sick on week 5 and I did NO exercising. Now that the weather is warmer, I have felt better, and the time for my diet bet final weigh in is nearing, I’m back to working out and walking more.

I don’t know… losing another 4 pounds in eleven days sounds mighty difficult, though.

What do you think?

I just might lose my ten dollar bet this round.

{ Let me know if you have any tricks to break through a plateau. }

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  1. says

    I’ve always heard that when you get stuck, you need to change your routine. Since I haven’t lost weight in more years than I care to count up, I am only going off what others have said::))

    Now, about being sick for 5 weeks – THAT I can relate to! We call it the SouthEast Texas Crud! Something blows in (probably whatever makes you sick) and the next thing you know – everyone in a 100 mile radius is coughing, hacking, sneezing, sniffling – all at the same time. Either it’s the layer of pollen on the cars or the refineries are trying to poison us all. I have believed it to be both, at times:)

    Anyway, put away the scale for this week. That could be what you do differently:)

    • says

      I’m working on changing the routine… but I got in to a pair of pants tonight that I couldn’t wear 2 weeks ago! 馃槈 Maybe there are changes happening! YAY!

  2. says

    My Father in Law does a colon cleanse (buys it OTC from Walmart) every six months. Says he drops 5lbs from it cleaning all the junk out. I did Jillian Michael’s version of one once and lost a couple pounds too I think. Not something I’d do as part of my dieting but it does help get out junk and toxins so your body can process the good food better!

    • says

      You aren’t the only one who suggested that. I did a cleanse once with volcanic ash and it was … an experience. Scared me to death of doing one again.

  3. says

    Hey I ended up on here after following a link to your accidental unschooling series and then realizing that we’re in a couple of the same local homeschool groups. I’ve been on a weight loss journey myself after my metabolism tanked – a combination of being a 30-something, a mild version of Lupus, and having my fourth and fifth kiddos. I’ve lost 17 pounds since July and have been through several plateaus along the way. What has gotten me through them? I’m not always entirely sure but there have been a few factors. 1/ I hired a personal trainer for 12 sessions, which made me realize I had been largely wasting my time in the way I was going about exercising. I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough, and I wasn’t taking advantage of HIIT (high intensity interval training) which so much research has shown blasts fat faster in less time. 2/ I started playing volleyball – a sport I loved but then abandoned to concentrate on college and kids – it’s great extra cardio a few times a week. 3/ Drinking more water and sleeping more any given week can help you break through a plateau. 4/ Eat more calories, especially if you are exercising or your body will not be all that interested in losing fat. 5/ An emphasis on losing fat vs watching the scale is important because of 6/ Here is the one I’m most caught up in at the moment and something you mentioned (I backtracked a bit in your posts). Pure cardio and dieting will make you lose fat, but also muscle. Best way to gain muscle? Weight lifting, which I’ve been doing for a long time but have started doing more seriously this year. I’m currently working through the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women – and not far into it – if you are at all interested in being my lifting buddy let me know :) My weight has stayed almost the same these first four weeks into it, but I am stronger, my muscles are a little bigger (not in a scary way, girls are incapable of bulking without steroids) and my clothes fit better than ever. Day to day stuff is so much easier to do – my toddler feels so much lighter 馃槈 Read this :) http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/exercise/weight_training/benefits.htm 7/ I take Herbalife products that help with cravings, falling asleep at night, energy, and supply easy protein (shakes) that feed muscles – muscles increase your metabolism.
    PS. I might have to hit torchy’s after my coop tomorrow bc now I’m craving tex mex 馃槈